Penang needs its own satay celup too!

We are so lucky! After driven for several hours from Singapore, we arrived in Melaka around 4 pm. I was telling myself that we are not likely to get satay celup at that hour because it was neither lunch nor dinner. Nevertheless, we drove around to hunt for Ban Lee Siang because the Malaccans recommended […]

Crab Noodle

This crab noodle deserves a post on its own because it is really so yummy and unique. The crab noodle is from Sunshine Bay which I had blogged about their seafoods in Tanjung Bungah. The place is pork-free. So, at first I was a little apprehensive about not having lard and fatty pork in yellow […]

Coconut Palms Seafoods

During Earth Hour day, I had dinner with the in-laws at Coconut Palm Seafoods. It was the Cheng Beng weekend and after calling a few restaurants, I settled for the never tried before Coconut Palm Seafoods restaurant. I read the review from Lingzie and had also talked about the place with her and CK Lam. […]