Hakka abacus seeds recipe

Being married to a Hakka man with four older sisters, I thought all my inlaws will have eaten this Hakka dish. One Chinese New Year, I cooked a huge portion of this and oh oh, not only they have not heard nor seen abacus seeds, they didn’t quite like it. So that ended my quest […]

Food postcards – Fun way with food and message

People are getting very creative nowadays. I just found out that we can use our food photos and turned them into beautiful, mouthwatering food postcards . It seems like a good idea because we can tailor postcards for the seasons. Some of the ideas include using the roast turkey from last year Thanksgiving for this […]

Ipoh Foh San dim sum – a victim of bad publicity?

Usually, before I go for any new eating places, I will try to check Foursquare for some comments. My Foursquare account is over here, in case you wish to add me https://foursquare.com/5xmom. On Saturday, while we were driving to Cameron Highlands, we thought of stopping in Ipoh for dim sum. I posted on my Facebook […]

The over-rated Ibu Oka Babi Guling

So…I went to Bali a couple of days ago and made a few eating places as the priority in my things to do in Bali travel list. I heard a lot about Babi Guling. I read from the internet and many Facebook friends told me about it. Taxi drivers too recommended Ibu Oka Babi Guling. […]