The over-rated Ibu Oka Babi Guling

So…I went to Bali a couple of days ago and made a few eating places as the priority in my things to do in Bali travel list. I heard a lot about Babi Guling. I read from the internet and many Facebook friends told me about it. Taxi drivers too recommended Ibu Oka Babi Guling. One urged us to go early as the roasted pig is usually sold out very fast.

We headed to Ibu Boka Babi Guling at 11.30 am. It is located near the Ubud Market which is not hard to locate. Ubud has very nice weather and lovely place to spend a day or two. The temperature is probably about 27 deg celcius and in the morning it is very cold.

So, what is babi guling? I had imagined squatting by pit fire while a roasted pig with all it’s hair and horn (is that what you call that two fangs?) is rolling or guling on a stick. But nay…all we see is some skin and some skinless pig. All the rice has been nicely placed and we were each given a basketful.

There goes my idyllic imagination of sitting by the fire, watching the skin crackling. And guess what? There is no crackling skin. To tell you the harsh and hard to swallow truth, my son replied when I asked him if the skin is nice. He said, “Like eating plastic only…”

I am lazy to post photo by photo so here goes the whole bunch :

I hate to spoil your enthusiasm but Penang roasted pork is wayyyy better. Believe me, the skin is so much crispier and the taste is a lot more flavourful.

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