Ipoh Foh San dim sum – a victim of bad publicity?

Usually, before I go for any new eating places, I will try to check Foursquare for some comments. My Foursquare account is over here, in case you wish to add me https://foursquare.com/5xmom.


On Saturday, while we were driving to Cameron Highlands, we thought of stopping in Ipoh for dim sum. I posted on my Facebook but didn’t have time to wait for feedback. The only place I know in Ipoh is Foh San dim sum. However, I found many bad publicity on Foursquare. I do not entirely believe because there are too many feedback with the same reason of ‘self service’, ‘lousy foods’ and etc.

A competitor can actually sabotage your business outlets by making fake accounts to complain about your outlet. So, with that in mind, I decided to go ahead with Foh San instead of the other dim sum places around.


First, it is not a self-service thing. There are elderly and I am sure faithful employees who bring the dim sum carts around. And frankly, on busy days, I prefer to have self-service where I can just head to the counter and take whatever I want instead of waiting for the cart to arrive. So, yes, the claim by people who said it is self-service is not so true after all.


Foh San is not some 5-star hotel Chinese restaurants so what can we expect from the price we pay. I personally find the dim sum not bad if compared to our local economy dim sum outlets. The siew mai doesn’t have the ‘pork smell’. After the meal, I also didnt feel thirsty. So, again, another accusation of bad taste is not so true after all.


We ordered one tai-pau and it is really huge with mushroom, chinese sausage, egg, chicken and lots of other stuffs. It is good to me, with no strong smell of the mui choy (or whatever they like to put in bak-pau over here).


Chee Cheong Fun looks good but I didn’t sample it so I can’t say for sure.

Therefore, my conclusion is Foh San doesn’t deserve the bad publicity it receives on Foursquare. It is just another dim sum place and no one has to cry foul when they are not paying premium price for those dimsum. Anyway, I can’t figure out why Ipoh has so many dim sum places that are so huge. Foh San alone has three storeys and span like four shoplots.

Strange…Ipoh-ites love their dim sum, don’t they?

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2 thoughts on “Ipoh Foh San dim sum – a victim of bad publicity?


    (June 13, 2011 - 5:25 pm)

    Ipoh people loo…ooove their dim sums!, and most of them are located along the same 2 intersections. Foh San is pretty good by any standard, good stuffings and tasty. The ladies pushing the carts have worked there for ages, around 2 decades or so. So, don’t expect SIA smiling young ladies or TGIF waiters kneeling to expalin the menu to you. They will push the carts around and stop when there’re orders. At peak hours when the tables are are full, you’ll find that service almost comes to a halt, so you can walk up to them instead. No problem for us at all. We don go there for the ambience, just to eat! If anyone wants 5 stars service, they can opt to go to the hotels, where you get ambience, but tasteless food!! hehee…


    (June 24, 2011 - 11:40 am)

    eating dimsum must careful lot of boric acid and fatty pork oilly food

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