Hakka abacus seeds recipe

Being married to a Hakka man with four older sisters, I thought all my inlaws will have eaten this Hakka dish. One Chinese New Year, I cooked a huge portion of this and oh oh, not only they have not heard nor seen abacus seeds, they didn’t quite like it. So that ended my quest to cook this more often.

I love abacus seed but hardly able to find them in Penang as there are not many Hakka restaurants. Even if there are, the Hakka husband doesn’t like going. Sometimes, I find myself eating alone at Hakka Tree while they are eating at other restaurant. I do not mind as I like my thunder tea noodle or lui cha.

Glad to find this video on Youtube on How to cook traditional Hakka abacus seeds. Maybe one of these days, I will give it a try again. It is very easy to do, and I use tang mien fun (or gluten free flour which gives a translucent texture).

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