Food postcards – Fun way with food and message

People are getting very creative nowadays. I just found out that we can use our food photos and turned them into beautiful, mouthwatering food postcards . It seems like a good idea because we can tailor postcards for the seasons.

Some of the ideas include using the roast turkey from last year Thanksgiving for this year Thanksgiving wishes. How about using some local exotic dishes and made them into mouthwatering, salivating postcards for our friends from other countries?

I am sure the beautiful photos will give many people serious homesickness when they look at the hot steaming satays from back home.

So go on and take a look at how we can personalized our postcards using the photos we have in our collections and design some for printing.

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Post Author: lilian

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1 thought on “Food postcards – Fun way with food and message

    JONathan Tan

    (May 2, 2012 - 8:36 am)

    IPOH’s pinji Fei Por chee cheong fun is the besT food I will recommend to all of you especially those chee cheong fun’s lover. It’s chopstick lickin’ good and the fresh small prawns that stick to the tongue makes our saliva dripping from our mouth !!!
    The only dissapointment you will face is that you have the money but you may not get to TASTE the chee cheong fun as it is not expensive…as everyone can EAT !
    So, you have to get a verbal number first prior coming if not you may be up for dissapointed.

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