They don’t make cendol like the old days, do they?

I have really, really neglected this blog for a long time. Let me see if I can go back to food blogging again. One needs passion to write a food blog or else it comes out dry and stale like a piece of overnight roti canai. You just do not want to chew on that, […]

Lojak, cendoi, ang tau sn’g

Do you know how much is the rental for one little stall in Sunshine Farlim? I cannot believe the stall owner but she insisted the rental is RM6,000 per month. This stall only sells some nasi lemak bungkus, local kuehs, drinks and nothing else. At the other corner, stands an aiskacang and cendol stall. The […]

Taman Free School flats – Ban Chean Kueh

I love ban chean kueh which overflows with filling. When you eat it fresh from the pan, you need to manoeuvre carefully to avoid the tongue getting burnt and at the same time, make sure the fillings do not flow out into an ugly mess on your clothes and hands. To me, ban chean kueh […]

Cintra Street : Deep fried oil crullers – yau char kwai

We went to Tai Thong this morning, around 11 am because my little boy suddenly wanted to eat loh mai kai and char siew pau. Nay, see my little boy with the Chief Minister. Hehehe… After we had our mid morning snack of dim sum at Tai Thong in Cintra Street, we walked a bit. […]

Sungai Dua : Aki Pancake

Long time ago, Aki Pancake used to be located in Taman Seri Nibong in Sungai Nibong. That was more than a decade when I used to stay in Taman Seri Nibong. I lost touched with foods offered in Sungai Nibong, Bayan Baru and Sungai Dua when I moved down to town area. So, when I […]