Hakka abacus seeds recipe

Being married to a Hakka man with four older sisters, I thought all my inlaws will have eaten this Hakka dish. One Chinese New Year, I cooked a huge portion of this and oh oh, not only they have not heard nor seen abacus seeds, they didn’t quite like it. So that ended my quest […]

Cincaluk pork/chicken

Cincaluk is this tiny shrimps soaked in brine and is very, very salty and smelly. Well, smelly to some but tasty to others. One can just mix it straight from the bottle with cilis and lime to get a delicous mix for white rice. I prefer to have the cincaluk cooked well so I normally […]

Frogs feast – Gungpo bullfrog

This is a plate of bullfrog.  Frogs are amphibians and Muslims are forbade from eating them.  However, Chinese loves them.  Bullfrogs are reared nowadays.  Long time ago, when my little island still have paddy fields, my brother and his friends would go frog hunting at night.  My mom would forbade him because we believe that […]

Recipe : Alien feet soup (chicken and peanut)

One of my son went running around, screaming, eewss, ewwss….gross, gross, alien in te soup when I put this on the dining table.  Oh well, can’t blame him because I am sure many people, who are not Chinese will be grossed out too.  Son insisted that those feets were used for stepping on chicken dung! […]

Fish Maw soup recipe

It is always difficult to take a photo of soup dishes because one cannot get the photo of the soup and the ingredients immersed together. So far, I still haven’t figure out how to make a soup dish looks good on photo. FISH MAW SOUP RECIPE Half a chicken, skin and fats removed – immersed […]