Frogs feast – Gungpo bullfrog

This is a plate of bullfrog.  Frogs are amphibians and Muslims are forbade from eating them.  However, Chinese loves them.  Bullfrogs are reared nowadays.  Long time ago, when my little island still have paddy fields, my brother and his friends would go frog hunting at night.  My mom would forbade him because we believe that wherever there are frogs, snakes will be around too.

But paddy frogs, i.e. those that lives in the wild in paddy fields, are extra sweet and nice. It is best cooked immersed in boiling porridges and eaten fresh.  I managed to get three frogs from the supermarket and intended to make porridge with them.  However, my children freaked out at the mention of eating frogs.  I am sure most readers would too.

So, I make kungpo bullfrog because the use of ginger, spring onions, onions and other ingredients will mask the ‘earthy’ smell of the meat.  You can find the recipe for kungpo here and the porridge I intended to cook was transformed to century egg porridge.

Ermmm…if you can stomach the photo of the frog, here it is.  Otherwise, sorry!  Don’t mean to make you pukey.  It is a delicacy for us Chinese, really!  Good for the skin.

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    *Slurp! I’ll grab the drumstick first.

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