Ipoh Foh San dim sum – a victim of bad publicity?

Usually, before I go for any new eating places, I will try to check Foursquare for some comments. My Foursquare account is over here, in case you wish to add me https://foursquare.com/5xmom. On Saturday, while we were driving to Cameron Highlands, we thought of stopping in Ipoh for dim sum. I posted on my Facebook […]

The over-rated Ibu Oka Babi Guling

So…I went to Bali a couple of days ago and made a few eating places as the priority in my things to do in Bali travel list. I heard a lot about Babi Guling. I read from the internet and many Facebook friends told me about it. Taxi drivers too recommended Ibu Oka Babi Guling. […]

There’s a deer in my soup, dear

I love this place call Yi Garden because it usually have all the foods my kids like to eat. Nowadays, my eldest son works 6-day week and we hardly have time to have dinner together. So, on his only off-day, we will go out and eat together as a family. He works in a 5-star […]

The original Fatty Loh’s brother chicken rice

Fatty Loh’s brother and Fatty Loh’s sons were fighting over the Fatty Loh Chicken Rice brandname, I heard. The sons have nice, aircond chicken rice shops but the prices are rather steep. The brother stake claim that his is the Original Fatty Loh’s chicken rice and his shop is rather dinghy in Fettes Park. However, […]

Zealand seafood also gone?

I had blogged about Zealand seafood in Gurney Drive many years ago. However, we have stopped going for a while and recently, discovered that the original owners are no longer around. So many eating places are either closed down, change owners or changed dishes. It is quite sad that the authentic old style Zealand seafood […]