Food postcards – Fun way with food and message

People are getting very creative nowadays. I just found out that we can use our food photos and turned them into beautiful, mouthwatering food postcards . It seems like a good idea because we can tailor postcards for the seasons. Some of the ideas include using the roast turkey from last year Thanksgiving for this […]

In a tiny lane call Lorong Tok Aka – wantan mee

You have to explore the inner city of Georgetown, go on the heritage walk and discover for yourself how beautiful this city caught in a time warp is. Even as a Penangite, I still marvel at the architecture of the old buildings and amaze how some of these places have survived the years. Two days […]

Where not to eat – Anna Thai economy rice in Pulau Tikus

I thought I should just forget my bad experience eating at Anna Thai in Pulau Tikus, a place where a lot of food bloggers raved about. But the next day, I was reminded again how expensive their foods are. I had to pay RM26 for some terribly bad dishes from Annathai which come in very […]

Penang Coconut Jelly – original Joez coconut jelly

I have posted about these coconut jellies in my Malaysia Best food blog. But it is worth a mention again on this Penang Foods blog. If you are in Penang, don’t miss the chance to saviour coconut water in jelly form. It is so freshing and cooling for the hot weather in Penang. A coconut […]