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During Earth Hour day, I had dinner with the in-laws at Coconut Palm Seafoods. It was the Cheng Beng weekend and after calling a few restaurants, I settled for the never tried before Coconut Palm Seafoods restaurant. I read the review from Lingzie and had also talked about the place with her and CK Lam.

four seasons

It is kind of intimidating picking a place for the hard to please in-laws, you know? My eldest-bro-in-law said he is buying dinner because he is from another state and only comes back for Cheng Beng annually.

I phoned early in the morning and managed to get a table for 12 persons in the dining area. They also have tables at the back part which has no aircond. The above plate is the four seasons.

I have forgotten what the four dishes are because my kids ate most of them. All I know is the complaints of the kerabu being too hot (from the cili padi). My two younger kids love the rest of the choices.

sharksfin soup

When I phoned, I only order a few dishes. My bro-in-law added in this sharksfin soup in the menu. (disclaimer or else someone may accuse of killing sharks 🙂 ). It is quite good with chunks of fresh crabmeat. But one of my four sis-in-law complained it has crab’s shells. *roll eyes*

bangkok chicken

This is the much talk-about Bangkok chicken. I highly recommend it because the chicken has an interting twang to it. They probably seasoned it with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and if you look closely, they sprinkled bunga kantan (ginger flower) on it. But someone else said it is too sweet. *roll eyes again*

stir fry vege

It slips my mind that two of my four sis-in-law are above 60 and 2 above 50 yrs old. They complained and complained that the choy-tam is too tough. *sigh* It is crunchy to me, you know?

fried oyster

This fried oyster is really, really goooood. It is not your regular or-chien. Instead it is a huge, fresh oysters and prawns in a hot plate with almost cooked eggs and a special sweetish sauce. Since there are 12 of us, the waitress gave us two hot plates of this. Again, I kena for ordering so much. My son and I can easily whacked a whole plate.

prawn curry

I read on Lingzie’s blog about their curry prawns. So when I phoned to order, I asked for this. I love the prawns because they are so fresh and the curry has a nice basil leaves fragrance. But all the sis-in-laws said it has too much curry powder lah, it is not as good as the Indian curry lah bla bla bla. They didn’t finish the dish so I tapau for my lunch next day.


They recommend to me their signature taufoo dish which is homemade taufoo with angled okra. Everyone said it is nothing special. I think so too.

Verdict – I am definitely going back again. Minus the in-laws, of course. And making mental note never to order for them in-advance.

Coconut Palms is an aircond restaurant along Jalan Burmah, opposite the junction where Jalan Perak ends. It is using the old Audees building. Hmm…I rarely complained about food outlets but I did to Audees and it met it’s fate…..

Do phone in advance because the place is packed all the time. Imagine they even have a RELA guy to be the jaga kereta. Tel: 04-227 6686, 012-455 8236

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    (April 10, 2010 - 12:15 pm)

    I absolutely hate it when ppl complain non-stop! I am of the opinion that if I don’t have to be in the kitchen to cook, then whatever is on the table is good! I would have told those b*tches to be thankful no one made them cook and it is always nice to be able to eat out. And I always openly say that I could never be able to create restaurant food, so just be appreciative. Being able to afford restaurant food is a privilege and a blessing, not an entitlement.

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