Devilled pork ribs, chili dog and southern fried chicken from Figo’s Tanjung Bungah

Figo just opened and is only a few houses away from home. I totally crave their Melaka curries because it is not like our local Nyonya curries. The last time I went to Figo’s, I had chili crabs. It was so fantastic and finger licking good.

Today, we went to Figo’s again for dinner. Just four of us, i.e. my little boy, 3rd son and hubby & I. My eldest son is working in Sigi’s and my second son’s is doing part time work in Figo’s cold kitchen.


I had a hard time deciding what to order. Initially, I had wanted gumbo and jambalaya because they are not something I have sampled before. However, my eyes kept staring at the 3-chillies on the devilled curries, a symbol that the dish is very hot. The devilled pork ribs for 2 person was my choice. I ordered bread while hubby had white rice.


I find the potatoes not floury enough and some of the pork rather lean. But I wiped clean the plate with my hot bread because the gravy is so appetitizing. Devilled pork ribs is RM15 for two persons. Rice and bread are not included.


The Southern Fried Chicken is rather cheap too because three large pieces of freshly fried chicken with crispy skin cost only RM10. It comes with a large portion of fresh fries, salad, BBQ sauce and mayo. Though the skin is a bit salty, the inner meat is well flavoured.


My #3 son ordered the foot long chili dog. Initially, I was a little bit turned-off by the hard looking bun. However, one bite I love it. Although my hubby said it is rather spicy and tastes like tandoori, I like the crispy bun with soft insides coupled with the oozing meat sauce and sausage. RM12 and sure to fill you up.


With a chocolate brownie, one Tiger Crystal, 2 fruit juices and all the dishes above, the whole meal costs about RM58.

Figo’s is only opens for business at 6 pm. They are close at lunch. Currently, they are close on Tuesdays. If you are going to Figo’s on weekends,best to make reservations. But oops, I do not have the phone number yet.


Business is picking up and there are lots of expats patrons. I think they find the choices of Tex-Mex, New Orleans and local Melaka dishes interesting. I saw one English gentleman enjoying a steamed fish in banana leaves, several others enjoy Enchiladas, Fajitas, Buritos and locals trying out the devilled pork ribs.


My son told me their homemade hamburger is a hot selling item as the burger is made of pork. So, if you are hankering for pork burger, head over to Figo’s.

Figo’s is at Jalan Sungai Kelian, opposite Esso Petrol Station.
Jalan Sungai Kelian is that housing area opposite Copthorne/ The Cove.

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