Penang needs its own satay celup too!

We are so lucky! After driven for several hours from Singapore, we arrived in Melaka around 4 pm. I was telling myself that we are not likely to get satay celup at that hour because it was neither lunch nor dinner. Nevertheless, we drove around to hunt for Ban Lee Siang because the Malaccans recommended to me.


I have never eaten satay celup and made it a must-do thing in my recent trip. Using my un-trusty GPS, we found Ban Lee Siang in a sleepy stretch of road. And they just opened for business.


Unlike Penang lok-lok, satay celup uses the satay sauce to cook the skewers with chicken, fishballs, soyabean sheets, vegetables, mushrooms and etc. The sauce is very thick with lots of groundnuts. So, we have to keep stirring to avoid the sauce from getting burnt.


Initially, my little boy was a little disappointed because he saw everything spicy, especially the sauce. But he discovered the otak-otak skewer which is like pandan chicken, wrapped in pandan leaves. It is very nice and tasty and he whacked 5 sticks of it. There are pig’s stomach, sausages and quail eggs.


A stick is only 60 sen, all the same price. So, those more expensive stuffs like squid balls, they give only one ball per stick.


They also have cockles and kangkong. Plus oyster mushrooms which are some of my favourite stuffs to dip into the satay sauce. You can also ask for bread and cucumber which go very nicely with the slightly sweetish but not too spicy sauce. The spices are not overpowering so you don’t get ‘jelak’ even after many sticks.


After we sat down as their first customer for the day, people start coming in and soon, the tables were all occupied. Satay celup has so much attraction. I heard the one call Capitol Satay Celup is even worse because people have to queue for like 30 mins to 1 hour to get a seat. Forget it! I won’t do that for such novelty. It is not like it is sooo delicious, just for the fun. The foods are in the refrigerator and we take whatever we want to eat.


There were 6 of us and we ate about 70+ sticks. The total bill comes up to about RM58.

I think Penang ought to start it’s own satay celup. Then again, I doubt the hawkers like the idea because it is rather labour intensive to skewer the hundreds and thousands of sticks each day. Then, the chore of making sure the customers do not burn the sauce.

One thing I am curious is – where do all the old sauce go to? We were the first customer and hence, we get fresh sauce. will the rest of the customers eat the same sauce, with all the msg from the balls?

Not a very enticing thought, isn’t it? No wonder we don’t have satay celup…..

Oh Ban Lee Siang is in Melaka. Where? I don’t know. Google it yourself. They have a website too. Where? I also don’t know. *grins*

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5 thoughts on “Penang needs its own satay celup too!

    Peter Chan

    (December 16, 2010 - 1:45 pm)

    In Penang, we have Lok Lok!

    Pearlyn Ng

    (December 16, 2010 - 2:22 pm)

    They usually recycle the sauce and the sticks , I saw what the staff were doing at the back few months back…… quite gross !


    (December 24, 2010 - 2:01 pm)

    My friend who is a Tour guide ever witness that the Satay Sauce is RECYLE! He see it with his own eyes.


    (December 26, 2010 - 2:44 am)

    Recycled sauce, my goodness!

    I cancel my future plan to visit Melaka satay celup. The rumor also said Kajang satay sauce is recycled.

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