Klang dry bak kut teh in Penang

Over here in Penang, we are experiencing heavy rain in the evenings. It is really God sent because almost all the green field have turned an ugly brown and roads are getting dusty. Now, I can almost feel the grass and the trees dancing in the rain and absorbing all the rain water they can […]

Hai Beng coffeeshop for dinner of pasta and Western foods

Kedai Kopi Hai Beng at the corner of Burmah Road and Jones Road sells nice Nasi Melayu, steamed salted fish chicken, lor mee (nowadays not nice anymore though) during lunch hours. At night, the Malay rice stall is still open for business but the other hawkers aren’t. However, there are two stalls worth mentioning. One […]

Mangrove Food Court Tanjong Tokong

I have seen the signboard for a long time already but the name Mangrove just doesn’t appeal to me. I moved here for two months and am still looking for the perfect hawker centre near my area, Tanjong Bungah. Yet, I have found none to rave about. Anyway, if I have no fish, prawn also […]

Chulia Street night hawkers

Chulia Street is one of the main roads in Penang. It connects Penang Road, which is the town area to the jetty and heritage zone. So, traffic is usually very heavy. There are lots of backpacker motels along Chulia Street and hence, it is one of the more interesting street in Penang. At night, a […]

Yaw’s Grill & Roast best lamb shank

Yaw’s Grill & Roast lamb shank is better than Secret Recipe’s acclaimed lamb shank. It is also tastier, more value for money and much more original than most restaurants. And the best thing is, it is only RM24.90 with huge portion, enough for two small eaters. I have featured Yaw’s Grill & Roast in my […]