Where not to eat – Anna Thai economy rice in Pulau Tikus

I thought I should just forget my bad experience eating at Anna Thai in Pulau Tikus, a place where a lot of food bloggers raved about. But the next day, I was reminded again how expensive their foods are.

I had to pay RM26 for some terribly bad dishes from Annathai which come in very small portion. It was just a quick lunch I had with my little boy. He had only a piece of overcooked fried chicken and a tiny piece of pork which he spitted out. I had only a few pieces of bamboo shoots, loh han chye and some pork leg bones.

RM 26 is a lot of money for two persons eating economy rice, ok?

On Saturday evening, my hubby, two sons and I had chu-char at Green Lane, Singkapoh Seafoods (behind Caltex). We had belancan fried chicken wings, freshly fried, 6 pieces, a claypot of pork ribs with yam and cuttlefish and a big plate of stir fried cauliflowers with prawns. The whole meal costed us only RM27.50. So, when I thought of my RM26, I am of course very pissed of being slaughtered. And what more, being misled by so many food bloggers.

It makes me wonder, did I had a random bad experience or did they over rated the place?

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3 thoughts on “Where not to eat – Anna Thai economy rice in Pulau Tikus

    mee loon

    (October 18, 2010 - 11:01 am)

    thanks for posting abt this annathai place – i thot i was the only one dissatisfied abt this place, after reading many blogs on it. apparently, the economy rice isn’t “economy” at all – u can’t put dishes on the rice but on separate small plates, each costing rm 3, be it vegetable or meat. i ate alone n 4 dishes were rm 12, not including the rice. very costly lunch. bloggers should’ve mentioned this n i would’ve stayed clear of this place.

    Peter Chan

    (October 18, 2010 - 5:47 pm)

    I too had a few lunches there! No doubt that we (3 persons) had order a lot of dishes and collected some from the line. Is really expensive! Siam Laksa Rm5/- nothing inside. The taste was good though!


    (October 18, 2010 - 6:26 pm)

    interesting, thanks

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