Weld Quay Tree Shade (Ah See) seafood

This little, attap hut selling seafood has been around for a long-long time. When I was working in Weld Quay (that’s 10 years ago), we used to walk there to have our lunch because Ah See chu-char is very cheap. Therefore, after all those years of eating Ah See’s chu-char, I sort of never bother going there after I stopped working.

We dropped by for dinner just now because we are already in Weld Quay, the kids are all hungry and we must find a place to eat immediately. So, we go to Ah See because there is no dinner crowd. Normally you can find the place very, very crowded.

weld quay seafood

My photos do not do justice to the nice seafoods there so please head over to Criz’s food blog for nicer photos. I didn’t bring any good camera along so I just snapped with a Pentax. I wonder what are those circles of lights on the photo? Hmmm…must be finger prints and dusts, I think.


None of my food photos turned out clear so I ended up with only this plate of oysters stir fried in ginger.


Ah See seafood has a very wide varities of seafoods available like slipper lobsters, all kinds of expensive and cheap fishes, many types of shellfish, crabs and even softshell crabs. However, we did not order anything fancy because each of my kid ordered something they like such as belacan chicken, sweet sour pork, deep fried sotong (very crunchy and tasty) and it leaves us no place for any seafoods except the oysters.


My younger boys finished the plate of belacan chicken so in the end, I also do not know if it is nice or not. Price wise, the foods are cheap because we ordered 6-7 dishes but the total bill costs RM39 only.

You need to order the food direct from the stall and they will not come to your table to take the order. Papadam and curry are served as appetisers, very much like people giving you a plate of peanuts. These are given by the drink stall owner. I like the papadam dipped in Indian curry fish but my children walloped the whole plate while I was ordering the foods. So, did not manage to take a picture of that.

The seafood stall is directly opposite the Penang Jetty in Weld Quay. Please park your car at Wisma Kastam road as it is illegal to park along Weld Quay. I recommend going during dinner time as lunch time is very, very hot under the zinc roof.

We were the only customer when we arrived so service is super quick as there is no queue. In fact, by the time we got back to our table, sit down and took a sip of our drink, the foods are served. Hmm….I wonder where are the crowds? Times are bad, maybe?

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    (March 6, 2009 - 6:24 pm)

    I used to go there since the early 90s’ with BF. Now married & residing in BM, still will go there with kids whenever we passed by Weld Quay. I like the speed they serve the food….

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