Weld Quay : BT Foodcourt, nearby Chew Jetty

I don’t know how we ended up at this huge and fairly new foodcourt in Weld Quay, near the Chew Jetty.

Since we were there, we thought a place like Weld Quay will offer nice foods.

But it turned out that none of the things we ordered measure up to Penang standard. So, whatever it is, avoid BT Foodcourt if you do not want to be disappointed. Prices too were not cheap. The Ah Beng music blasting on the speakers are unbearable and the crowds…well….they are from around the area too.

We had :

1) Portugese grilled vege and seafoods – Lousy with too much curry powder flavourings

2) Chicken rice – tasteless

3) Chee Cheong Fun – too oily and nothing impressive

4) Western foods – overcooked fries and so-so taste

5) Lam Mee – Almost like water and soya sauce

6) Loh Bak – They cannot even cut a decent looking pei tan

So, yeah, stay away from this place. I don’t even have the mood to take any of the food photos after tasting them.

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