Air Itam : Kedai Kopi Min Jiang – Tomyam and sambal beans

tomyam prawns

This is the review of the coffeeshop in Air Itam, on the way to Penang Hill.

The above was my dinner a few nights ago. It is one of the most kick-ass tomyam around and I can never get enough of those prawns, squids and fish slices. The whole bowl costs only RM6.

sambal petai, asparagus and beans

The other must have dish is the sambal beans sold by this stall selling grilled seafoods. They use a mixture of asparagus, four angle beans, petai, long beans and lots of onions. The asparagus is diuretic and it makes you pee a lot, which is good for the water retention. If you add in aubergines, they say it will drive away the petai smell. Too bad they ran out of aubergines that day.

I have blogged about Kedai Kopi Min Jiang but I go there so often so this is another post for them.

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