The original Fatty Loh’s brother chicken rice

Fatty Loh’s brother and Fatty Loh’s sons were fighting over the Fatty Loh Chicken Rice brandname, I heard. The sons have nice, aircond chicken rice shops but the prices are rather steep. The brother stake claim that his is the Original Fatty Loh’s chicken rice and his shop is rather dinghy in Fettes Park. However, I like the metal plates, saucers and bowls chicken rice because the shop is located conveniently. Sometimes, I popped by for a quick lunch with my boy during lunchtime.


Usually, I order the pak-cham kai or the steamed chicken because it is still quite juicy and tasty.


My favourite is the kerabu chicken feet which is made of those weird looking feet skin of the chicken. It is crunchy and gives the kerabu a nice crunch. There is slivers of green mangoes and pineapples but hardly noticeable.


The chicken rice is cooked from the chicken stock, hence yellowish in colour. Beside rice, they also sell koay teow thng at a promo price of RM1. I have never tried that before though.


The roasted pork looks good but taste so-so only. However, they have other dishes as well like too-kar-chor (sweetened black vinegar pig’s trotters), khau yoke (yam steamed belly pork), achar, joo-hoo char (on weekends) and other side dishes.


A meal for two persons with the above dishes in tiny portions costs RM22. It is still reasonable if you compare with the other Fatty Loh at Nagore Road.

Both Fatty Lohs Chicken Rice stalls are not the best around but not many chicken rice stalls offer all the side-dishes so they still garner a good crowd of people looking for kerabu, kiam chye boey, too-tor thng and other dishes to go with their chicken rice.

You can find the shop on Google Map.

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