The hottest porridge on a wet, rainy night – Ho Ping pork porridge

It was a cold rainy night. It has rained the whole day and somehow, you feel your soul missing it’s sunshine. I am lucky I don’t live in a country where they have 3 months of winter or I am one of those who will die of depression. Just one or two days and I am all emo and dramatic about needing something comforting.


And there is no better place to get warm than Kedai Kopi Ho Ping bak moey or pork porridge. Before you even get near, you can hear the fire roaring and the heat that feels so good during cold nights. However, it is another story during hot days. You do not want to eat there unless you are prepared to be drenched in sweat.


The few men there who sell the pork porridge and bee hoon outside are probably made of inflammable materials. Gosh, it is so hot and yet, they are always so cheerful, attentive and hardly forget your order. As with pork porridge, there are lots of ‘tailor-made’ orders. Like me, I want kidney, liver, brain and minced meat. For others, the mention of those innards will throw them into fits and they will lecture you about the evils of taking pig’s innards which are used to filter all the toxic stuffs like antibiotics and steriods they stuff to make pigs grow big, strong and pink. So, each bowl is different.


Actually the rows of tiny saucers filled with red chillies and red plastic spoons look nice. But I was only using my Nokia N97 so the photos aren’t that smashing. So, I turned them black and white, hoping it evokes the nostalgia most Penangites have with old coffee shops like Ho Ping.


It is really an old coffee shop with a lot of old folks eating there. The Ho Ping coffee shop sells nice lor bak, char koay teow, fried rice, economy rice with lovely dishes and other hawker fares. But the main attraction is the pork porridge.


If you are not the squeamish one, order the pig’s brain. It is soooo smooth and creamy..And my mother told me when I was a kid, pig’s brain is supposed to make me brainy. She lied of course, cos I did eat a lot.


The bowl of hot porridge that takes away the blue on rainy nights. Kedai Kopi Ho Ping is located at the corner of Kampung Malabar and Penang Road. Very easy to locate because you will see a brightly lite stall with roaring fire and several men in pagoda t-shirts with pots.

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3 thoughts on “The hottest porridge on a wet, rainy night – Ho Ping pork porridge


    (November 23, 2010 - 6:03 am)

    Wish I had known. Was visiting Pg 2 weeks ago and we went to the bak-moey at Lrg Selamat. That guy is such an arrogant fool! The moey was ok and was glad it came with pig brains which I haven’t had in eons. It is fall here and wet and cold and dark…perfect time for moey!


    (November 23, 2010 - 8:05 pm)

    Which part of Penang this Ho Ping Bak Moey ???
    I might want to try


    (December 3, 2010 - 2:18 pm)

    Hi guys, the shop its at penang road. The bak Moey stall is my uncle friends and the lor bak stall is belong to my families. This two stall is really really old and it its inherited from both our great grandfather who is from china. This both stalls have been interviewed by many newspaper since 40’s.

    Thanks for promoting and i just add in to share with you guys. It is really home-made recipes and you guys should try it. I’m proud of it. =)

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