The Genting chee cheong fun food bloggers raved

I went to this Genting Chee Cheong Fun stall THREE times and only finally managed to eat it today. So, expectation is really high. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a camera and has no photos of the chee cheong fun. Anyway, all Penang chee cheong fun looks alike so I will take random photos from my album.

penang chee cheong fun

Criz Lai said :

The best Chee Cheong Fun that I have tasted so far that really met up to my expectation is the one selling in Kedai Kopi Genting in Green Lane area, Penang.

AllenOoi said :

Genting Chee Cheong Fun is the best Chee Cheong Fun in the whole Penang island. I like it so much! the sauce is very unique, especially the chili sauce.

PenangTuaPui said :

The tnee cheoh was quite thick and creamy. Tam Ciak said the sauce was a little too sweet for him but Fei Fei liked it well. We added some chili too to make it spicy.

Ahh…luckily, finally someone (Tam Ciak) agrees with me. I was worried that with such great reviews from all the other Penang food bloggers, I may be the freak who do not know how to appreciate good chee cheong fun. I personally find the chee cheong fun too sweet and I found their secret is the peanut butter hidden in the heh koh. I like my chee cheong fun salty and ‘chao chao’ and prefer the New Lane short-short aunty’s chee cheong fun much nicer and will declare New Lane Chee Cheong Fun as the best in Penang. The Genting chee cheong fun will certainly appeals to those who like their chee cheong fun sweetish, minus the overpowering smell of the prawn paste.

The stall has such good business, every time I tried to sample it, they ran out of stock. The last two times I went there, they were still selling but when I ordered, they told me, “Boh liao”. So, maybe after so many times, I sort of have too high expectation and therefore, hard to please me.

However, their chillies sauce is good as it has some dried prawns flavour in it. Anyway, I like my chee cheong fun with only heh koh and chillies sauce only, minus the ‘tnee cheow’.

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3 thoughts on “The Genting chee cheong fun food bloggers raved


    (January 6, 2009 - 5:40 pm)

    Genting’s ccf is one of the best in pg.Omit the tnee cheow as the hae koh is sweet on its own.(coz app, its blended with peanut butter)Ask for extra cilli.Yummy!!


    (January 14, 2009 - 1:22 pm)

    No doubt Genting’s Chee cheong fun is ONE of the best in Penang (I’m not calling it the best) but you know what, I find the uncle seller a little arrogant. I like my Chee Cheong Fun opened up. Not rolled. But everytime I order a plate of CCF and request that he oepn the CCF for me, he will say he cant. Either I have them rolled up or not at all.

    I chose not at all. It’s not like his stall is the only one in Penang! Hmmmphh!


    (January 18, 2009 - 10:06 am)

    Hmm…quite funny that bloggers are influencing the popularity of this stall so much…maybe hawkers should start advertising on Google AdWords!

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