Tavoy Road Kopitiam

Tavoy Road is off Jalan Burmah.  It is the road where the 7th Day Adventist Church/Him Heang is..  I am not sure what’s the name of the kopitiam but it is directly opposite 7-11.

The funny thing about this kopitiam is they are not opened on Saturdays and Sundays.  Everyone knows that weekend is the best time for business yet they choose to close.  Probably business too good so no need to earn that extra income.  So, remember not to bother during the weekends.  They are opened only at night.

The curry mee is the lemak kind.  They are majorly ‘kiam siap’ with the chilli paste so we always ended up asking for more.  The soup’s taste, I notice, is not very consistent.  Sometimes, they are very delicious, sometimes, it needs some soya sauce.  But it is still very good.  RM3 for a bowl with prawns.

This little plate of ‘pek cham keh’ costs RM12.  It is probably the most expensive chicken around the island.  Only a chicken breast and chicken thigh.  However, compare to others, we still like the chicken which doesn’t smell of ‘chicken’ and is very juicy.  That little saucer of red chilli sauce is very nice because they used a lot of limes and it tastes sourish, sweet and hot.  The stall which sells this chicken also sell chicken porridge (kai chook).  My children like the porridge but I personally find it too ‘aji’ flavoured.  However, they never feel extremely thirsty so probably they did not use so much MSG, after all.

Besides the above two good stuffs, one can find very good bakchang, tau chang, yam cake and red bean dessert from the van stall outside.  Another item worth eating is the char koay kark across the road (just outside the lightshop/7-11).

The koay kark had been around for more than 20 years (when I was dating that time!) and is still very famous and doing brisk business.  If you wish to eat  at this coffeshop in Tavoy Road, then you have to wait for your koay kark to be ready, carry that plate ACROSS busy Jalan Burmah (which is one way traffic though) and eat it.   During rainy days, there are people still doing this.  The stall will give you a paper plate to shelter from the rain water. So, you can figure out how ‘laku’ the koay kark is.

The Tavoy Road coffeeshop is very cramped and usually, one has to wait for an empty table to be vacated. Still, it is worth a visit once in a while.   Again, the location is Jalan Burmah, just before Him Heang/Adventist Church, on the same side.  Watch out for a corner coffeeshop with brightly lite bakchang and fruit stalls on van.

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4 thoughts on “Tavoy Road Kopitiam


    (July 22, 2006 - 5:59 pm)

    the koay kark stall oso open at night only? must go there on my next visit.
    usually get my koay kark and barn chan koay ‘fix’ at the morning Tmn Free School market.


    (October 18, 2006 - 5:55 pm)

    kuey kak.. dating…
    yup. Done that… heavy rain… and we still ate there… its nothing really special.. but its good.

    Oh, and back then, they dint allow us to bring over to the coffee shop.

    Anyway, you guys fail to mentioned about the loh bak. Which also sells in front of the shop and is really nice…. specially the fried prawns..


    (April 20, 2007 - 3:09 pm)

    I agree the “pek Cham Keh” stall owner is arrogant even the food is ncie I have boycott the stall as the owner will look at u one kind if you order too little when there are a lot of ppl…..

    curry mee is still good……

    The kopitiam also opens in the morning & the stalls in morning are diff
    i) sar Hor Fun – nice
    ii) hokkien mee – nice

    The owner of this kopitiam is the brother of the owner of the Cathay kopitiam in Pulau Tikus opp IC Church

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