Tanjong Bungah wet market

I went to attend a DAP event this morning. It was at the community hall above the Tanjung Bungah wet market. If you remember, Tanjong Bungah was under the constituency of our former Chief Minister. No wonder the market is so HUGE. Hehehe, cannot help being a bit political.

Anyway, the market has two buildings. One is the wet market and the other, a hawker centre.

chai kueh

I just wanted a quick breakfast and opted for this chai kueh. I like the plate they served the chai kueh. It is one of those traditional Chinese enamel plate and not some gaudy colour plastic plate. Taste wise, so-so lah.

mee mamak

The same Ah Poh who sells the Teochew chai kueh also sells this mee mamak. She also sell tom yam beehoon which looks good as well. Do give this economy mee mamak a try. It has all the right balance of tastes. If you are organising some small tea party, I think her mee mamak will make a good dish.

hongkong chee cheong fun

Another stall sells Hongkong chee cheong fun which is freshly steamed on the spot. There are two choices, shrimps or char siew. Taste wise, not bad lah. For that price, it is worth eating as the shrimps are fresh and they give generous quantity.

I didn’t manage to sample other foods but overall, the market is an interesting place to go. Too bad that I live quite far away so I won’t be going back anytime soon.

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    sweet jasmine

    (September 6, 2008 - 10:38 am)

    My stomach rumbling just looking at it….

    Lilian, wonder why the feeds for this site still got stuck at a post of 4 months ago….in my bloglist.

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