Some fishballs and curry mee at Green Garden/Jalan Sir Ibrahim

It is hard for me to describe the location of this curry mee stall. But if you are one of those motorists who have to go from Lam Wah Ee to Convert Green Lane that side, you will definitely pass this Jalan Sir Ibrahim which is off Jalan Batu Lancang. The curry mee stall is located in one of the old shophouse near Green Garden. If you are not a Penangite, then forget the place because in my opinion, it is not the best curry mee worth seeking out. Instead, go try the curry mee at the corner shop opposite Lam Wah Ee Hospital, available in the morning.

curry mee and fish balls

This is the third time I ate and I still can’t figure out why the place is so popular. My hubby is even worse. He refused to eat there with me after the first time we had this curry me. Hence, I went there alone this morning. Hubby said, “Crazy people…never eat fish ball before issit? Go buy from market and boil at home lah. Cheap fish balls only, also must wait for so long.”

It is the curry paste that attracts people. I saw the old lady peeling a lot of ginger flower (bunga kantan) and lemon grass while I was eating. The soup of the curry mee is nothing fantastic as well unless you put the cili paste.

curry mee

The soup is just so-so, minus the sweetness of some other places curry mee. There is no prawns, unless you are willing to pay for those large, white prawns. However, all the tables are occupied and the patrons enjoyed their curry mee so much.

fish balls

As I was eating alone and sharing table with a couple, I felt so awkward taking photos of my curry mee. I dare not use the flash so my photos came out rather pale and blur because of the steam that covers my camera lens. So, I had enhanced the photos with colour saturation, warmify it and sharpen as well. If the mee looks good, it is because of my photo editing skills and not representing the real taste of the curry mee.

I think the uniqueness of this stall is the choice of getting extra taugeh blanched, fish balls served with chilli paste and addition of fresh, large prawns. We don’t get these sort of side orders from other stalls so this remains popular with people.

Cokeworld has a post with photo of the stall. Hope you can find it because it is difficult to give exact location.

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