Serikaya is probably the tastiest spread for toast. Imagine a thick slice of toasted bread, spread with serikaya and some butter. Yummy!

However, only a few people can make serikaya the traditional way. I.e. by double-boiling over very low fire for several hours, stirring all the time. The ingredients used are eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves. At the end of cooking time, my mom would take several spoonful of granulated sugar, cook it over low fire to caramelise it and add to the serikaya for the brown colour. Serikaya made this way will turn out lumpy like what is shown in the photo above.

As I don’t the have the patience to make serikaya like how it should be done, I have to make do with small tubs bought from hawkers. Sadly, not many people get the serikaya consistency, sweetness and fragrance right.

Anyway, another great kueh to go with serikaya is the pulut taitai. Glutinous rice steamed and coloured with bunga telang, a blue colour flower like the morning glory.
I don’t have a very appetising photo of pulut taitai. This will do for the moment.

I found someone’s blog about serikaya. Do read it, a very heart-warming blog, recalling memories about foods.

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