Sate Jawa

This is unlike local satay. Sate Jawa is made from freshly sliced meat (usually mutton), skewered and grilled on charcoal fire. Some soya sauce is used to baste the meat. Plain and simple, without all the spices used to season our local satay.


Sate Jawa’s sauce is unique too. It is not pre-cooked but are only combined just before serving. The sauce comprises of dark soya sauce, some chili paste, grounded peanuts and lime juice.

I found this Sate Jawe from my old hometown. In Relau pekan, near the junction going to Paya Terubong. Relau is where the PISA is. Several years ago, this Indonesian man started small, with just one huge chunk of mutton to make his sate. Now, he can afford New Zealand lamb and his stall is a hit with the Chinese there. The coffee shop where he parked his stall also sells great fish head bee hoon.

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