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I believe many Penangites are familiar with the name Sa Chew. It was a nyonya food stall and had been around for decades. However, the original Sa Chew which served nyonya dishes no longer operate there. Sa Chew is located right across the Pulau Tikus post office and toddy shop.

Recently, the place has been taken over by a chicken rice stall. The place is still using the name Sa Chew but the owners have given the place a makeover and it is much brighter, cleaner and cheerful.


We had been there several times and I must say that this is one place I recommend for a simple meal of chicken rice. They have such huge varieties of meats like roasted pork, char siew, stewed soya sauce belly pork, pak cham kai, roasted chicken, roasted duck and lor ark, lor bak and all the soya beancakes and soya sauce eggs that my children like. Beside this, service is good because the owners will personally attend to you and give their recommendations.


Don’ miss their otak-otak. It is fresh and filled with chunks of fish. One can hardly find such otak-otak around because most of them never bother to put any fishes inside.

Sa Chew is also very generous with their plain soup, unlike some chicken rice stall which give you a small bowl. At Sa Chew, you can expect a free bowl of nice corn soup or some herbal soup to accompany your rice.


The soya sauce eggs my kids love. My little toddler can finish his plate of rice with some eggs, meats and soup. This is why I kept going back to Sa Chew so often.

They are open quite early and sell throughout the day. Don’t forget to order their very spicy and yet delicious salted vegetable soup, kiam chye boay. It is delicious as well.


Actually we just went to Sa Chew on Wednesday but return again today because only Saturdays, they have assam pedas. We tried some today and it is quite good too. Just add a pinch of salt to it and it is yummy already.

Price wise, it is not exactly very cheap but it is not expensive either. There are five of us today and the total bill comes up to RM40.90. Two otak-otak, three fishes assam pedas, that plate of mixed duck/pork/chicken, two eggs, drinks and jelly.

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2 thoughts on “Sa Chew Cafe – Chicken/duck rice

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    Pat Wong

    (May 9, 2007 - 4:49 am)

    Hello Lilian,
    I am glad but at the same time disappointed to learn about Sa Chew.Their tau yew bak was absolutely delicious.I was delighted when reported that this establishment is still around but was horrified to learn that is now a chicken/duck rice shop!
    I am glad that your post reported that they do serve other dishes including some nonya dishes like tau yew bak.
    I know the area well, ie across the street from the Post office and the toddy shop.I used to witness many patrons from the toddy shop falling into the monsoon drain as they exited this drinking establishment!.
    I must visit Penang the next trip back to Malaysia.
    Thanks again for the post

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