Pulau Tikus wet market hawkers

I like to drop by the Pulau Tikus wet market for breakfast when I do my marketing there. There are several coffee shops nearby but they are usually very crowded. So, I like the little corner hidden at the back of the wet market because there are less people jostling for a table or people hovering over your shoulder, giving you killer stares to fast fast finish your foods or lagi chialat…..some old uncle sharing a table with me, giving long lost friends the impression that is my husband or sugar daddy, depending on how well uncles dressed.


So, I usually settled for the less famous Hokkien Mee (compared to Bangkok Lane) or the koay teow thng or char koay kark. The funny thing is there are only a few stalls and yet, they sell the same thing. There are two koay teow thng stalls. Their stalls are placed diagonally. One is manned by brothers, one by a couple.


Normally, I settled for the couple stall which is next to the char koay kark. The koay kark is nice but rather pricey as you get only flour and bean sprouts with not a single prawn in sight for RM2.50. The portion is really tiny, so I sometimes have a bowl of koay teow thng and a tiny plate of char koay kark without egg in one sitting.


The koay teow thng is not bad as well.

It is high time the Pulau Tikus market is given a facelift. A few other wet markets are undergoing upgrading by MPPP, one of them being Cecil Street (chit teow lor ban san). The part I hate about Pulau Tikus market is the chicken section which is so suffocating and smelly. Then, the pork section is so crammed, you get the butchers shouting to you to buy from them. I hate being accosted by them as I am not sure which stall to buy my pork from and usually head to the one where I had made eye contact. I am such a sissy, eh? Cannot even make up my mind which butcher to please. 🙂

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