Non-halal : Curry Mee & Bakchang

I decided that if I am going to put up a non-halal food item, I shall provide the link of the photos only. And it will come with an alert that it is not halal. Another thing – I am very lazy to add in the copyright thingy in my photos. So, whoever takes my photos and use it as their own will be rewarded with severe cirit-birit that no pil chi kit teck aun can help. Want a photo to use as your desktop to drool? Just email me. I will be glad to mail you a 1+MB file, A4 size where you can view the prawn’s vein, see the steam of the food, feel the trickling oil and may find a maggot or two in the vegetables or the cockcroach legs.

Location : Tavoy Road. It is the small lane along Burmah Road, next to Adventist Church/Him Heang. Coffee shop only opens at night and close on Sunday night (I think). There are many nice things there but I will only show two things : curry mee and bak chang (meat dumpling)

Curry mee in Penang comes in several flavours. Some are cooked like chicken curry style, some with just santan, meaning the soup is white in colour. There are several places selling very good curry mee in Penang like Lorong Seratus Tahun, Jalan Sungai Pinang (Honda workshop), Stadium, Dhobi Ghaut and so many others. Sissies eat their curry mee without cockles and pig’s blood. Real men and *ahem* women must have extra heap spoon of chili and tambah udang. Great curry mee stalls are those who give you a whole jar of chili for you to commit suicide with. I used to play mahjong through the night with the apartment mates and then, we will challenge each other by eating the most spoonfuls of chili. The loser of the mahjung game will have to pay for the food. So, we usually eat two bowls as it is free. No sleep + chili = MC, yeah!
Curry mee photo here. Caution : Get the hankies, bib, tissue paper ready.

Bak Chang here
Outside the coffeeshop, there is a van selling bakchang (meat dumpling), or kueh (yam steam cake), red bean soup and tau chang. Don’t be greedy, I will only show the photo of the bak chang today. I have intentionally kept the resolution to 300pixel so that all of you can see the lard oozing. The cost of one bak chang is RM5 so there are dried oyster, whole salted duck yolk, chestnuts, belly pork, mushroom. Eat too much and guess what will happen to you? See the photo? Don’t say I did not warn you.

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