Jalan Transfer : Nasi Padang

Yellowish curry is masak lemak cili padi with cow’s udder/perut lembu. Sotong basah with cili. Cat fish is the shop’s special with their signature cili and ikan cencaru belah belakang (fish spiltted and stuff with onions and cili)

I had wanted to take the photo of the whole range of food on display like the various ulams (green herbs) including banana flower, unripen nangka, many kinds of sambal, tempe cooked in several ways, vege and even soup like the pucuk (foo chok) but I dare not brave the lunch crowd. No joke , you know. All these hungry people trying to get near the food to cedok (scoop) their lunch and this Cina ah soh kacau-kacau with a camera. Afterwards they pour the curry on my head, die lah.

Anyway, a short description what nasi padang is. Nasi padang is not exactly Malay food but I believe originates from Indonesia. (now all eyes are on Sumatra so I pun join in eat Sumatran food mah). They use basic ingredients like kunyit, serai, santan and chilies. So, one gets a mild tasting food unlike nasi kandar which is loaded with lots of spices. Their food is rather healthy because they have several types of vege like the hairy gourd, angle gourd, bitter gourd cooked minus cili and santan.

Shop location – along Jalan Transfer (near the junction of Sri Bahari), open for lunch. At night, a few doors away, there is a Mak Long nasi kampung stall. Unique thing about the coffee shop is – the apek and ah poh will bring the drinks plus a sign indicating how much the drinks are. I had been wondering…..how do they have so many tiny cards with all the different prices? Like RM1.80, RM2.40, RM5.90 etc etc. Isn’t it easier to collect payment upon delivery? But I guess the owner likes us to enjoy first, pay later.

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