My best ang tau th’ng and the bak chang from Tavoy Road

During rainy days, the nicest thing to eat is ang tau th’ng. In fact, red bean soup is so easy to cook, one should try it at home instead of buying them from hawkers because they are either not tasty or they are overpriced.

Ang tau th’ng and hong tau sar are basically the same, one in Hokkien name, the other in Cantonese. However, the soup is not the same. The two versions :

1) Hokkien/dll style : Red beans, longans, a bit of brown sugar, rock sugar + pandan leaves – boil till soft

2) Cantonese method : Red beans, some glutinious rice and dried tangerine peel and rock sugar – boil till mushy and unrecognizable.

Normally, I either use the slow cooker or pressure cooker to cook because it takes a long time for the beans to get soft. One method of making it cook faster is to wash the beans, soak it in hot boiling water for a while and then, add to the pot of boiling water to cook it further.

red bean soup

So, I made this very tasty and cheap ang tau th’ng. The beans only cost me RM1.20 and I think I boil enough to make 20-30 small bowls, like the portion they sell.

bak chang

While I was fetching my sons home from school, I passed by Burmah Road at the Tavoy Road junction. I stopped to buy two changs – bak chang and tau chang. Recently, I found that the quality of the bak chang has dropped tremendously and I won’t be buying anymore from this stall. On both occassion, the rice inside is still hard and sandy. They didn’t bother to ask me if I want the tnee cheow and chillie sauce and when I got home, I only discovered it. They are so stingy, isn’t it? How to eat tau chang without tnee cheow lah. Plus so lansi and look so stressed like that. Cutting and putting the changs into the plastic bags only, not like I ask them to fry kuey teow. Yet, when one big SUV came by, they look so cheerful suddenly and greeted the man. Double standard.

bak chang

My car was parked at the other side of the road and I only brought one RM10 note with me as I don’t want to carry a bag crossing busy Burmah Road (and get snatched). So, I was calculating if I have enough money to buy two bak changs and two tau changs. Wah..maybe they think I cannot afford to eat so that’s why so lansi with me lah. The big chang costs RM5.50 and the small one RM3 while the tau chang RM2. The tau chang is still good but the bak chang small size almost have nothing inside except a piece of mushroom and pork.

I know prices of things have gone up but at RM5.50, the chang is not loaded with much pork, chestnuts, mushroom and salted egg also. Must learn to make my own chang and boycott this cut throat guy.

I will patronise the one in Lorong Susu where they sell nice koay teow thng. (makes mental note to have tea there and take pictures and video)

The Tavoy Road bak chang quality really has gone down.

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2 thoughts on “My best ang tau th’ng and the bak chang from Tavoy Road


    (April 25, 2009 - 4:00 pm)

    i immediately went and cook ang tau with longan after reading this post..never ate it that way


    (June 11, 2009 - 12:37 pm)

    after read your blog title “My best ang tau th’ng and the bak chang from Tavoy Road”, (never read your contain), i straight away go to Tavoy Road, sit at the road side eat the ang tau th’ng n tau chang, n i go to ask the stall owner “y u no put longan eh?”, he say all the while they no put longan one, after came home i read your blog once again, ah dui……….i am so blur lar! that ang tau th’ng with longan is Chanlilian’s homemade ang tau th’ng lar….i m so sia sui…

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