Mee Udang Teluk Kumbar

Teluk Kumbar is where my hubby grew up. So, we are very fond of going to Teluk Kumbar eventhough it is located at the south coast of Penang, about 30 minutes drive from town. It is worth the drive though.

Teluk Kumbar is a small fishing village with some nice seafood stalls. It is famous for its’ Mee Udang or Malay prawn mee. The best shop selling Mee Udang is only available at night. I shall blog that one day when I visit Mee Udang Salwa, located at Jalan Cikgu Abu.

This afternoon, we took our children to the beach and stopped for Mee Udang at a randomly picked stall.

It is located in a rustic little kampung house with very friendly and chatty mak ciks. Makes you feel like mom is cooking for you. (the two kids in the photo, sitting on the swing are mine)


Mee Udang is rather expensive at RM8 because the prawns used are huge, fresh and of the white variety (caught fresh from the sea). This stall, Mak Long, uses Kimball Tomato Soup to cook her noodle.

The other stall I mentioned earlier tastes much better as they use Heinz Tomato Soup (which is much more expensive) and bigger prawns. However the price can go as much as RM16 per plate.

If you are someone who do not like prawns, you can opt for plain noodles at only RM2.50.

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