Mangrove Food Court Tanjong Tokong

I have seen the signboard for a long time already but the name Mangrove just doesn’t appeal to me. I moved here for two months and am still looking for the perfect hawker centre near my area, Tanjong Bungah. Yet, I have found none to rave about.

Anyway, if I have no fish, prawn also can do (a Hokkien saying that we grab the second best if the best is not available). All the photos are taken with my Nokia N97. Quality is not up to my standard but I don’t have a point and shoot camera and am too lazy to cart the DSLR for meals around the neighbourhood.

hokkien mee
(Hokkien mee with pig’s skin, gelatinous….taste so-so lah)

So, one late Sunday afternoon, all six of us got into the family car. None of us had breakfast nor lunch yet and it was almost 4 pm. Ok, my little boy did had his lunch but not the rest of my sons and I. We are one hungry family.


My #3 son had some Simon’s pizza. Not sure how it tastes cos he ate it all. RM7.

oyster mee

I had the oyster mee. Not too bad. The stall also sells tai lok meen, char hor fun and hokkien char.

lor bak

Kampung Malabar Lor Bak. Actually…I have never even heard or try the original stuffs so I cannot comment. But the heh-chee must be nice because my sons ate all four and I didn’t get to sample.

poh piah

Taman Kuda poh piah. I am not sure if it is the Taman Lumba Kuda one which is the Shangwu school afternoon hawker. But the taste is too plain for me. No crab meat flavour at all.

char koay teow

My eldest son ordered the char koay teow. Three of us ate one plate and we kept saying, ‘Not salty enough’ and yet no one wants to walk to the hawker to bring the soy sauce. So, yeah, so-so as well.

And that concludes the not so nice but ok lah Mangrove Food Court review. It is hidden in Prima Tanjung block of buildings so you are not likely to find it unless you stay there. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to make a trip there but if you are in the neighbourhood and looking for a nicely ventilated, clean and quiet coffeeshop, this is the place. The Thai food sucks. My son ordered pineapple fried rice that he said tastes like cake icing??? WTF?

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4 thoughts on “Mangrove Food Court Tanjong Tokong


    (January 4, 2010 - 5:45 pm)

    i also think that mangrove is ok ok nia. but you can try the ‘hawker center’ on the other side (mt erksine road/’peh hun suah’) its by the main road (opposite the famous mt erskine western food and next to the tanjung bungah market)
    There are a few stalls there under a make shift roof. the koay teow th’ng, mee masak and popiah is not bad la.


    (January 31, 2010 - 8:59 pm)

    Actually, the thai fried rice is quite good, coupled with their sour sambal. i always order that in mangrove, the rest of the thai styled fried rice is just so-so.

    Regina Grußkarten

    (March 23, 2010 - 10:44 pm)

    WOW…all the things look so nice. first I thought the pizza is the best one, but the last one with the prawns….mmmhhhh yummy! my mouth waters…


    (March 26, 2010 - 1:12 pm)

    Okayy, *makes mental note to self* to avoid Mangrove Food Court at all costs =)

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