Lorong Susu : Perfect tea time place

Lorong Susu is off Macalister Road and the junction is near the UMNO Building.  You can see a durian/mangosteen stalls at the junction.

On a cold, rainy day like today, it is the perfect place to have tea.  However, I must warn you that you will be sitting ON a drain, by the roadside and under the hot sun.

These rows of bakchang or rice dumpling plus red bean soup draw the crowds to crouch along the drain, sweating it out under the hot sun at tea time.  (usually business starts around 2pm)

Close-up of the pyramid shape tow-chang or mungbean dumplings.

The stall owner recommended dipping the dumpling in sugar and my son just loved it.  Do try it next time, if you haven’t tried before.

Another reason why people hang out here.  The delicious koay teow th’ng.  I am still on vegetarian diet and cannot order any fancy duck’s web, duck’s innards, duck’s blood or weird but good side dishes.  Otherwise, I would have shared some really delicious pics.

This is my bowl of koay teow with mee.  Do you know that eating koay teow mee (mix the white noodle with yellow noodle) is more delicious than plain koay teow?  Anyway, after I stripped off the fish balls, crispy lard pieces, duck’s meat and duck’s blood, all I had was a tiny and pathetic looking bowl of  noodles and soup.  Sobs!!!!!  I want my meat!!!!!  Next week, next week.

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    (May 20, 2006 - 5:36 am)

    speaking of lorong susu… i love the duck rice there… its not exactly at the cafe as describe in the article but you will see it once you are there. i will have my lunch there at least once a week. so you might be able to spot me. hehe

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