Loh Bak

What is Loh Bak? It is not lobak putih/merah but meat rolls.

Loh = anything soup that is made sticky with tapioca flour. Bak = meat. Shown in the photo is a plate of prawn fritters and squid fried in batter. The real loh bak is hidden under the pile as I intentionally do not want to show large photos of meat. Usually, the store selling loh bak will sell many other side dishes like sting ray fillet, century egg, soya bean cake, octopus and just about anything. Most of these are then deep fried in batter and served with two sauces. One is the specially made chili sauce which traditionally comes with some bits of ground peanuts, sweetish. And the other that gives the Loh is the black, gooey, tapioca flour mixture cooked with egg, some 5-spice powder and dark soya sauce.

The loh bak is made from seasoning meat (can be chicken or pork) with 5-spice powder and other spices and then rolled in soya bean wrappings. Good loh bak is hard to come by because not many people have the expert hands to do a perfect one. But what is more interesting than loh bak is the hair chee or prawn fritters. This is even harder to make because many people flopped in this area when their prawn fritters ooze with oil which can be horrible.

There are only 2 places where I like to order loh bak. One is Kheng Pin coffeeshop which is at the junction of Sri Bahari Road and Penang Road. It is an old, old coffeeshop with one of the best chicken rice around (next blog). Kheng Pin is opposite Oriental Hotel.

The other good prawn fritter stall is in Bayan Bay in Sungai Nibong. Available only at night. Other stalls – I never order loh bak because the taste does not justify the extra calories.

Zoom over to my other blog to have a look at what century egg is. Century egg and old ginger. Hmmm…nice combination.

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