Laksa Penang


It being a holiday in Penang, we have nothing to do but eat, eat, eat.

Finally, I got a good photo of Penang Laksa. Laksa, to the non-Malaysians, is a kinda noodle with sourish soup. It’s taste is hard to describe as it contains so many things like mint leaves, onions, chilies, ginger flower (bunga kantan), cucumber and pineapple. Plus, it has lots of fishes and a stinky paste, very blackish and sticky, called – prawn paste or heh koh. The noodle is made from rice flour.

Laksa Penang is different from the other states in Malaysia. The closest is the Kedah Laksa. But as a Penangite, the best laksa in Malaysia is of course, Penang Laksa.

The above hawker is a stall near my house. Uncle must be pretty please to have me taking his photo. Hence, I seemed to have a very huge bowl of laksa today. At RM2.30. You can see the fish overflowing from my bowl.


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