Kelawei Fish Head (Malay food)

This is not just any Malay foodstall. This place has appeared on Discovery Travel and Living channel. No joke! I have forgotten which guy hosted this travel and food series but I did watch it on TV about 6 months to a year back.

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We have patronised this stall for more than 10 years and used to call it Jones Road fish head. Some of the reasons that make this foodstall being one of the better place around are probably:
1) Choice of large prawns and good quality fish heads
2) Clean place in a ‘kampong-ish’ environment.
3) In the midst of town
4) Have office crowds which come in big groups

The food is nothing out of the ordinary but rather, plain, simple Malay food.

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As the name suggests, it serves curry fish heads. Price is not too expensive.

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They also grill fishes like kembongs and even ikan terubok. Ikan terubok is a very nice fish with a lot of bones. It taste very lemak as it is an oily fish. They also make ikan belah belakang with ikan terubok. That is to slit the sides of the fishes and stuff it with pounded chillies, onions and other spices.


Here is an overview of the place. I went to the place around 12 noon and the crowds are just flowing in. During peak hours, it will be filled.

Other notable things on the menu are their fried chicken which is very nice. They also have nice kerabu (local salads), ulam and sambal belacan. Some of the food are pre-cooked and some are cook-to-order. What stands out is their offer of large prawns, black pomfret fish and other more expensive items.

Our meal consisting of one fish head, 2 pieces chicken, kerabu, ulam and telur bawang (onion omelette), two fried eggs (for the kids)plus drinks only cost RM30.

Of course, no Malay meal is complete without sirap manis with limau.

Location : Kelawai and Jones Road junction.

I love fish head and had blogged about them here and a recipe too.

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