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We do not have many shops that sell Ipoh hor fun here in Penang. The hor fun is actually koay teow to us Penangites. However, there is this shop in Kampung Bengali Butterworth call May Fong. It has been in existence for more than 20 years already. Long time ago, it was just a small stall operated by the husband and wife plus their parents. The couple quarrel all the time!


When we stayed in Butterworth, we used to frequent this shop. But I think I haven’t been there for more than 10 years already. The taukeh soh is still as young as ever but now, their shop has four to five Indonesian helpers already. I do not see the husband around though.

Their pek cham keh or steamed chicken is still as good but I do not quite like oyster sauce. The chicken is moist and not dry.

koay teow

They are famous for this koay teow or hor fun which is slightly thinner and smoother than regular koay teow. There are two varieties, the dry version like the above or you can have a soup one.


I love their wantan with prawns. The soup smells of prawns shell and though some may find that a bit overpowering, I love the taste.

After so many years, I am glad they have not changed their food quality. However, I notice they use less oil nowadays compared to those times when you feel very ‘jelak’ after a plate of koay teow. Maybe they are more health conscious now.

Please do not ask me where is Jalan Kampung Benggali because I am not familiar with Butterworth. But I know this is the only Ipoh Hor Fun around.

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