Jalan Macalister – Yi Garden hawkers

I have been patronising this coffee shop for more than 20 years but only today, I know the name is call Yi Garden. Been there so often but I think I have never posted about this place before. The place is famous for its orh chien and sar hor fun. Recent years, there are some new stalls like venison pan mee and wantan mee.

Before I go on, do avoid the stuck up lady who sells seafood. The food is not nice and she is so lansi. Some (bloggers, I think) folks were taking photos of the seafood display and she scolded them! I wanted to order a plate of fried rice for my little boy and she said I have to wait for a long time. Bah, forget it. If I am her, I will squeeze a plate of fried rice in between orders just for a little boy, right?


My boy had the wantan mee. I like their wantan because it is really full of fillings. The wantan mee is not bad as well because their soup is like the Hongkong style.

pork bee hoon

It rains the whole day and the weather is so cold. So, I love the comfort of a bowl of steaming hot bee hoon sold by the bak moey stall. The bak moey stall is located outside the coffeeshop. I ordered the bee hoon with pig’s brains, kidney and liver.

venison pan mee

My husband had the venison pan mee. You should try it the next time you go. The venison is actually deer meat. It is cooked in some herbs till very tender. They serve with pan mee or rather handmade wheat flour noodle. I enjoyed the soup and drank it all. A bowl only costs RM4.30 with lots of venison.

orh chien

This coffee shop is famous for its oh chien. One plate is only RM5 with generous quantities of oysters.

yee foo mee

The sar hor fun stall is call kou lou sar hor fun if I am not mistaken. We didn’t order the sar hor fun today. Instead, my son had the ee foo mee with egg.

All the foods are good. Except the lansi seafood tau keh soh’s food. 😛

Yi Garden is the old coffee shop located at the corner of Lorong Selamat and Jalan Macalister, right across Sin Chew Daily’s office. Only available at night.

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5 thoughts on “Jalan Macalister – Yi Garden hawkers

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    (October 2, 2008 - 11:50 pm)

    HI Lilian,

    your post always make me hungry, hmm…. we will be there soooon… for food and gain weight.. hee hee


    (October 4, 2008 - 3:16 pm)

    The beehoon looks thicker than the ones they have here and the oysters are definitely much much bigger than the one here. Sigh.

    Eleen Por

    (October 19, 2008 - 10:31 pm)

    ..and it is closed on Sundays. Tot of trying out the venison pan mee for dinner today but unlucky for me, the place is closed. 🙁


    (November 24, 2009 - 5:17 pm)

    Yi Garden has started at afternoon too??l like 4.30

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