In a tiny lane call Lorong Tok Aka – wantan mee

You have to explore the inner city of Georgetown, go on the heritage walk and discover for yourself how beautiful this city caught in a time warp is. Even as a Penangite, I still marvel at the architecture of the old buildings and amaze how some of these places have survived the years.


Two days ago, my sons went to Komtar to pick me for lunch. Since I have a driver to take care of the driving, I actually have time to relax, sit back, hang a camera on my neck and enjoy the sights.


My sons and their friends took me to Lorong Tok Aka, at the junction of Lebuh Melayu. It is hard to tell you how to get there so please Google map it yourself. 🙂 It was a hot afternoon and yet, people do not mind sitting under the umbrella, in the hot sun, at some road junction to have their lunch.


We couldn’t get a table under the umbrella by the wantan mee stall. So we headed over to the coffee shop across the street as they will deliver the wantan mee to us.


And this is what everyone was waiting for. A bowl of wantan noodle which is rather firm and QQ (springy) and certainly taste like homemade noodles. They give generous amount of sambal belacan. Normally, I hate eating wantan mee with sambal belacan but since it was already given, I took it.


The wantan mee is not entirely like the best I have ever tasted. However, I guess people may have other opinions on it and patronise the stall even under scorching sun.


This is the coffee shop we had our noodle. It has sparse furnishing, and almost like a home instead of a coffee shop.


The stall owner has his cart parked in the shop house. Everything is so authentic Penang.


The Hokkien Mee is not bad at all. It is not overly ‘prawny’ smell and the soup is sweet.

This coffee shop is along Lebuh Melayu. If you go further down towards Carnavon Street end of Lebuh Melayu, you can find a famous koay teow thng in the morning.


One of the old building has these beautiful old ‘guards’ on it’s door. I hope they do not destroy the building and will preserve and conserve it. Now, Penang has strict by-laws to ensure that our heritage is restored.


Buildings like these will stand because the owner cannot just knock it down for new buildings.

Just like the buildings, many hawkers and hawker foods have stood the test of time and will remain eternally original, I hope.

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2 thoughts on “In a tiny lane call Lorong Tok Aka – wantan mee


    (December 23, 2010 - 1:21 pm)

    Welldone all

    Alex comerford

    (December 29, 2010 - 2:51 pm)

    I’m currently on holiday here with my family and I found your blog this morning. Wantan was exactly what we wanted for lunch so we jumped on the bus into town. After a walk around the area we found this stall and had some of the best food of our holiday so far.
    Thank you for telling us about this place and good luck with the blog.

    For anybody with a GPSr the location is: N 5 24.792 E 100 20.124

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