Komtar back-lane: Chicken feet and fried oysters

This is a place that I would never recommend to any out-of-town folks because the place is really seedy, dark and who knows if a gang fight may break out during your meals. But we decided to eat there the other day when we went to a nearby shop to get school uniforms for the kids. This place is behind the Kim Novak/Hin Lee row of shops. I am not sure of the road name, though. Somewhere near GAMA?


Can you see the rundown shack they use? Well, this is the stall selling boiled chicken and chicken feet. Besides that, they also have some fried beehoon. None of them are really nice and yet, the place is always packed with customers.


The chicken feet is not bad, I must say. It is a lot cheaper than elsewhere. Chicken feet are exactly that – chicken feet and mushroom stewed in soya sauce and cinnamon and star anise.


The oh chien or fried oyster with egg. Too oily and not that tasty. But the oysters are big.


The boiled chicken (pek cham keh) is also so-so.

This place is probably known to those people who are familiar with backlanes. The only way to access the place is through the Wembly cinema. You will end up in an open space, which the the backyard of all the pre-war houses along Jalan Magazine.

Though you will be sitting on broken chairs and tables, the nice side is you get to look up at Komtar and the stars.

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1 thought on “Komtar back-lane: Chicken feet and fried oysters


    (January 11, 2007 - 11:46 am)

    mmm….ohhm…boiled chicken (pek cham keh)it seem not well cooked??

    but the chick feet seem nice!

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