Have you ever eaten un-laid eggs?

koay teow thng

Lau keh boh or old hens are very good for making stocks. Their old bones and tough meat gives very sweet stock. Moreover, the meat will be too tough for eating and hence, they are normally used to make soup only.

When we slaughter these old hens, we will find egg yolks in their body. As a kid, I had slaughtered chicken and therefore, used to eat these un-laid eggs.

Nowadays, people hardly find old hens to make soup anymore. Most of the hawkers probably flavour their soups with MSG and not slow boil the old hens for stock. However, this koay teow thng stall at the corner of Church Street and Penang Street (not to be confused with Penang Road) still cook the soup of the koay teow the traditional method.

I cannot recall the name of the coffeeshop but it is very popular with the office and bank crowds.

koay teow thng

For the sake of this blog, I intentionally asked for the un-laid egg. The yolk is not exactly like hard boiled egg as it is not ‘floury’ but firm. Some people, like my husband cannot stand this sort of yolk as he found it weird. Me? I eat anything and if I can blog it, I am even more daring!

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4 thoughts on “Have you ever eaten un-laid eggs?


    (September 21, 2008 - 2:15 am)

    Yes I pernah eat … but long, long ago lah.I think they were smaller and some were in bunches. But I recall my mom saying young girls should not eat it. Can’t remember why.

    About 40+ years ago there was a coffee shop on the left of the then Cathy Cinema on Penang Road (corner of Dickens Street). It was a bungalow type building and you can also sit outside under a huge tree.

    There was a stall there selling chicken porridge and you can request for this type of eggs as keh liao. There was also a stall selling Chinese satay, using pork and pig intestines and the kuah is the sticky sticky type one made with tapioca flour.

    I really liked the chicken porridge sold there …. it’s not the chok type (like that eaten by babies) but its the grainy type.

    I think my memory serves me right ….. and it’s so long ago. Anyone else can recall this particular coffee shop? Please confirm so I know I not nyajiok liao.


    (September 21, 2008 - 2:50 am)

    when i was a kid, my mum reared hens in our backyard for eggs. when these hens became too old to produce eggs, my mum would slaughtered them for their meat. most of these hens had these un-laid eggs inside, which my mum would cook for us to eat.

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    (September 26, 2008 - 11:49 pm)

    Hey… the kueh tiao th’ng looks very nice. I dun think I dare to eat the unlaid egg. Like your hubby claimed, it is weird for me too.

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