Hammer Bay, Malay seafood

I heard about Hammer Bay from the blog of my son’s friend, Suithong. My son usually doesn’t chat with me about things like these so I usually read his friend’s blog to find out where to eat.

So, there was this one evening after our shopping at Queensbay, when we don’t feel particularly hungry and yet, feel like having a little bite. So, I suggested going to Hammer Bay.

udang bercili

I got down from the car, head for the pile of seafoods at the entrance. The Malay lady immediately recommended their signature dishes to me. I picked up five large prawns and she told me I must get it fried with dried chillies. She said, “Sayang kalau tak masak cili kering.” I was reluctant because the prawns are huge and fresh so they don’t need such flavourful preparation. But she insisted…


Next is the lala. She said it will be nice cooked this way. Looking at the photos, I think the prawns and the lala look almost the same. But taste wise, both are not bad.


I also ordered a small piece of stingray, grilled in banana leaves. They are also known for their fried squids.


My two older sons talked me into trying out shisha. It is the first time I try it and I must say, it is fun inhaling the funny tasting concoction and blow out lots of smoke after that. I love the bubbling of the water in the glass container.

My eldest son ordered the special, strong one which costs RM15. It does give me a heady feel which is nice.

Luckily his friends dropped by, including suithong. So, I gladly pass the shisha to me to save me from further tipsi-ness.

And where is Hammer Bay? Read suilthong’s blog to find out because I am bad with directions.

The place is packed with a lot of Malay families and also several Chinese groups. It is not a bad place to have some Malay style seafood. However, I still prefer Telok Tempoyak in Batu Maung. Then again, you don’t get to puff smoke.

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