Jones Road : Hainan Loh Mee

Someone left a comment in my post earlier (can’t find it at the moment) and told me about this loh mee.


If I remember well, it used to have a main shop next to the Guan Yin Temple at Pitt Street, Penang. But this stall called ‘Hainan Loh Mee’ seems to be different now.

Anyway, the place is along Jalan Burmah, in the Pulau Tikus area. (someone please leave the full info in my comment box, please?)

Penang Loh Mee is very unlike Kuala Lumpur type. Over here a loh mee has something like:
– blanched yellow noodles, meehoon and bean sprouts
– pour the gluey, thick soup made of tapioca flour, soya sauce, 5-spice powder, egg whites (and dunno what else)
– top with meat, egg, mushroom, ‘spare parts’ and fried onionsk

then the customer is free to pour all the vinegared garlic paste and chili paste for flavour.

There is very few stalls selling exclusively loh mee because most of them are sold with Hokkien Mee. It is not exactly my favourite but for the sake of this blog, I went to eat. Not bad, the taste.

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4 thoughts on “Jones Road : Hainan Loh Mee


    (July 20, 2005 - 3:22 pm)

    i like this loh meen a lot, yes can be found in KL, yay!!! the stall behind yut kee has it, they’ve nice prawn noodles too! next to them, there’s a different style of CKT (ask for no egg). yummy


    (July 20, 2005 - 4:18 pm)

    Its located at Hai Beng coffeeshop, at the Burmah Road/Jones Road T-junction. Just before the 2nd hand car dealership.

    Another great loh mee is at Seang Teik road in the corner, opposite the famous roadside char mee hoon/char mee stall. The coffeeshop which the Loh Mee resides in is owned by a Christian lady, she doesn’t sell any beer 😛

    Finally, another great loh mee would be at Tmn Free School market, only in the mornings. Sold out by noon. Very generous with pork and taugeh.


    (July 20, 2005 - 4:23 pm)

    Loh mee is one of my most loved noodles… next to char koew teow and wantan mee… typical chinaman of me! ummmm….

    Just My Tots

    (April 6, 2007 - 11:25 pm)

    […] loh mee photo borrowed from PenangFaces […]

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