Hai Beng coffeeshop for dinner of pasta and Western foods

Kedai Kopi Hai Beng at the corner of Burmah Road and Jones Road sells nice Nasi Melayu, steamed salted fish chicken, lor mee (nowadays not nice anymore though) during lunch hours. At night, the Malay rice stall is still open for business but the other hawkers aren’t.

However, there are two stalls worth mentioning. One is the Alrighty Western food which sells decent Western dishes like fish & chips, chicken chop, jumbo sausages and hearty oxtail soup.

oxtail soup
Alrighty oxtail soup at RM7.50

The oxtail soup is full of potatoes and very thick. It has several pieces of tender oxtail and is worth a try.

jumbo sausage
Jumbo sausage

My boy told me the jumbo sausage is soft and nice, as compared to other Western foods restaurant whose sausage are too rubbery for him.

The above two are from Alrighty.

Meanwhile, another stall located outside, fronting Burmah Road (across Wisma Perkeso) sells pasta and fish or chicken.

pesto fish and spag

My husband who loves pesto likes the above dish. It is RM11.50 and consist of a piece of fish and a portion of spaghetti with pesto. The pesto is done well and even surpassed some of the bigger restaurants quality. The basil leaves leave a nice, refreshing taste.


The stall selling pasta is call Simply Nutritious or is it Delicious? Their style of serving is – Pick either fish or chicken. Choose whether you want your chicken or fish to be charcoal grilled or pan fried. Then, select the type of sauce for your chicken/fish and the sauce for your pasta. There are many varieties and initially we were very confused with the selection. The above is some fish with some tomato concase sauce.


Meanwhile, another son had ham and cheese covered chicken with pasta.


The above is the Thai sauce chicken with creamy mushroom sauce. The chicken is good, the pasta sauce is so-so. But then, for RM11.50, we cannot expect them to prepare cream sauce with real cream as the ingredient is so expensive nowadays. So, overall, it is a nice hearty meal of meat and carbo.

You have to try their blended fresh lemon juice. It is only RM2.50 and I had two glasses because it is so tangy and fresh.

So, yeah, Penang Foods is not always about local foods but some tailored for local taste fusion, Western foods. Sometimes, if you find good Western foods, you may notice that the tastes is even better than some gawdy cafe with overpriced dishes.

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