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Gurney Drive used to be a very nice place to hang out in the evenings or early mornings because it is a long stretch of pine trees lined beach with an esplanade for people to jog, date, talk or sit. You can rest under the shades of the trees, watch the waves hitting the rocks and listen to the soothing sounds of the water splashing. Now? It is one ugly stretch of mud and more mud that stinks.

We passed by today and notice they have Goh Teo Kee there. We have been regular customers in their Sungai Nibong and Sungai Ara main branches and their foods are always delicious. Unfortunately, the branch in Gurney Drive (next to 7-11) is nothing like the two original ones. The place is awfully small and I hate crammed places. Service is bad because we need to fetch our own menu and yet, before we can even do anything, they have shoved the cold towels in plastic for us. I mean, wtf, you have no time to serve us and yet, you cannot wait to reap the 50 sen or is it $1 towels profits from us? Of course, the towels and nuts were brought by different categories of people, i.e. those who clear the dishes.

siam lobak

The reason I went to Goh Teo Kee is because they have a mixture of Thai foods and Teocheo foods. But guess what? They have no spicy and hot dishes to offer like the rest of the branches. In the end, I ordered this siam lo bak which has too much of curry powder taste.

kapitan spare ribs

The most spicy dish I can find is the kapitan kari pork ribs. It is good but again, too much curry powder taste. It looks more like rendang than kari kapitan. Usually kari kapitan isn’t this dry and black as it is made mostly of freshly grounded chillies and lengkuas. I got my recipe for kari kapitan ayam if you wish to prepare.

braised cabbage

This is another dish I like from Goh Teo Kee, i.e. the braised cabbage.

I have featured Goh Teo Kee a few times because I like the branches in Sungai Nibong and Sungai Ara. I suppose their management ought to take a closer look at this Gurney Drive branch because town folks may be turned off by their service and will not likely go up to the two areas (which is near the airport and hence, much more ‘kampong’ area).

I freaking hate having nuts and towels shoved in my face before they even get us sit down comfortably. That makes them look so desperate for the extra few cents earned from the towels and nuts. Restaurant owners, do take note of this because this practice by your serving staffs are totally unacceptable.

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    (December 26, 2007 - 4:28 pm)

    kari kapitan is usually dry. my grandmother who is a hokkien usually made this dish with little gravy.
    and the colour,its suppose to be redder.

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