Goreng Pisang (Banana fritters)

Pisang goreng, goreng pisang? Best goreng pisang in Penang is featured today. One has to try one’s luck. And queue for a while in the hot sun while waiting for your batch of bananas to be fried. But it is worth the wait.

This stall is located at Free School Road. Free School Road is the smaller road where one turned into McDonald, Green Lane. The goreng pisang stall is at the other end, where Caunter Hall is. Stall open from 12 noon until out of stock, probably about 5pm. (hey, now I can even interview the hawkers already)

They sell banana, yam and sweet potatoes fritters. Beside that, they also sell the thnee kueh fried with yam and sweet potatoes and another type which has green beans inside. One piece is about RM1. You get a whole juicy, sweet huge banana in a crispy batter. Photo below is yam fritter (purplish) and banana fritter. (can see my teeth marks?)


I am beginning to enjoy this blog more and more because it has been quoted in several forums. Nothing like an audience to keep the blogger going for better and more informative articles.

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