Georgetown – Tai Buan Porridge

Tai Buan Porridge is located at Jalan Muntri. Jalan Muntri is off Penang Road and is directly opposite Cititel Penang. Along Jalan Muntri, you can find the beautiful Hainan Temple. And just across Tai Buan, there is a nice restaurant call The GreenHouse which is owned by a retired Australian couple who made Penang their second home.

tai buan porridge

The above is the gentleman who runs Tai Buan Porridge. It is a nice, clean, cosy shop selling Teochew porridge during the day and night. Actually this stall caught my eyes because of the wide array of meats and innards of the pig and duck on display.


At first, I mistaken those for a whole pig’s head. But on second look, it is part of the pig’s ears, duck and intestines. The rest are salted eggs, tofu and liver.

salted duck eggs

I didn’t order much as we have taken our lunch earlier. For the sake of blogging, we went in to the shop for some pictures and ordered a few dishes for that purpose.

Tai Buan Porridge has been around for years and throughout the day, there are lots of customers having this simple and mild tasting porridge.

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1 thought on “Georgetown – Tai Buan Porridge


    (November 5, 2008 - 4:27 pm)

    I ate at Tai Buan and ordered pig ear, duck egg and vegetable. First bite taste sooooo nice but then the revolting smell of the pigs ear was stuck in my nose and the ear in my throat. Very quickly I vomited all over the floor, also it spewed out of my nostrils! 🙁

    All the customers quickly ran away because of my vomiting……I was so sorry and pity myself and wanted to cry! The owner scolded me in Chinese, no idea what he said but he didn’t look very happy….Of course I understand his feelings.

    It goes without saying, I won’t be eating this kind of porridge again. Anyway, it’s just a part of my culinary adventure in Penang,..


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