Eating pan mee rituals (Pan Mee from Air Putih morning market)

There is a nice pan mee stall at the Jalan Air Putih morning market. It is located in one of the coffeeshops. Jalan Air Putih is off Jalan Air Itam. Long time ago, this gentleman used to sell pan mee in Bayan Baru.

pan mee

Normally, I like my pan mee in the crude and rough way, i.e. the sheet of white dough being torn into pieces by hands and not rolled with a pasta machine.

All good pan mee must be served with half a calamansi lime, cut bird’s eye chillies and soya sauce. The moment the pan mee arrives at my table, I will squeeze the calamansi lime juice and then, pour all the chillies and soya sauce into the soup.

The steaming hot soup will then be mixed into one heavenly concoction of sourish, hot and spicy hot goodness.

pan mee

All good pan mee stall must serves unlimited number of calamansi lime you requested. There are some stingy stalls who do not serve their pan mee with calamansi lime and that’s such a mistake. The fragrant lime will balance out the fishy smells of the fried anchovies.

pan meen

Lately, there are so many versions of pan mee like tomyam pan mee, herbal pan mee, minced pork pan mee and other fanciful names. However, really good pan meen worth mentioning are those that thrives on basic ingredients of a simple soup, a few slices of wood ears, sabah vegetables, anchovies and the addition of bird’s eye chillies and calamansi lime juice.

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1 thought on “Eating pan mee rituals (Pan Mee from Air Putih morning market)


    (December 27, 2008 - 12:16 am)

    Many years ago, if I am not mistaken, this type of mee is known as Sabah mee. It was not as popular then, and only available at a few food court.

    One such place was at the site of the present Krystal Point, near the roundabout. Maybe it’s the same guy you mentioned.

    The one you ate looks yummy and like the authentic one, with the lime. I like mine with soup and the noodles, the ‘thick’ type or the ‘torn up ‘ type.

    Nowadays I go to Bukit Jambul for my pan mee but alas the serving size has shrunk so I think next time better order the large size one. Taste wise, so so only.

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